Building for the Future

Exterior Rendering

Phase One Plans: Completed in November 2009

Audience Entrance

Phase One Entry and Front House Improvements COMPLETED

  • Code compliant exit doors.
  • Future space for marquee lighting for athletic, public and theatrical events.
  • Outside gathering space including planters, sidewalk and benches.
  • New display areas for art and other visual exhibits.
  • Flexible box office for ticket sales, displays and concessions.

Opening event

Phase One Auditorium Improvements COMPLETED

  • Acoustic separation with vestibule entrance.
  • Larger stage to enhance space for performances and exhibits.
  • Flexible 600 seat capacity.
  • Balcony level seating.
  • Improved acoustics.
  • Upgrades to theater lighting.
  • New lighting catwalks and safer access points to catwalks.
  • Upgrades to sound system including assisted hearing devices.
  • ADA compliant seating.
  • Greater storage space.
  • Climate control.
  • NFPA compliant fire protection system.

Floor Plan

click the above image to see full-size floor plan

Artistic Renderings including Phase Two Concepts

Renderings are by Carla Haskell, AIA, Design Group Collaborative, Architects
The Houlton Community Arts Center will include 13,000 sq. ft. of new construction. Changes/additions include:

  • Separate band, chorus, theatre and dance space that meets national standards for student needs and use.
  • Visual arts room integrated into a collaborative arts environment.
  • Acoustic privacy for performance spaces.
  • Increased and improved storage.
  • Accessible nighttime rehearsal entrance

HHS Fine Arts Wing Comparison Chart for Current Facilities as it relates to the new Arts Center

Current Space
Existing Space in Square Feet
New Space in Square Feet
New Houlton Community Arts Center


Shared band and chorus room 1144 3011 Band Room
1737 Chorus Room
Jr. High Office 200 200 Jr. High Office
Sr. High Office and storage 331 storage 200 Sr. High Office
Vocal Office 158 200 Vocal Office
Instrument storage 331 70 linear ft.500 sq. ft Storage cabinets
2 practice rooms 75 and 72 64 (2) Practice rooms
71 Practice room
213 Ensemble room
Percussion storage shared with theater equipment and sound equipment 200 394 Percussion storage& instrument repair
187 Sound/lighting/stage storage
Stage equipment storage: risers, sets, scenery 400 loft spaceor on stage 914 Back stage storage
Instrumental music library 0 Combined1200 Instrumental and vocal music library, combined with costume loft
Vocal music library, costume loft, stage props storage 400
Art Room 920 1262 Art Room
Storage closet 0 50 Storage closet
Office 0 162 Office
Spray booth 0 50 Spray booth
Art gallery 0 Dedicated space Entrance and lobbyarea
Dance studio and theater rehearsal space 0 1485 Combined dance and theater rehearsal room
Existing music area bathrooms 37 (two) 150 (two) ADA Compliant Bathrooms